Through a Grandson's eyes

My son Daniel, has 2 sons….  Grant, who is 4 years old, and Brooks, who is 2.  They are very, very busy boys….  Most Sundays, Daniel brings his boys over to play and have dinner with us..  we are so thankful for this time with our son and grandsons.  Last Sunday, I had read Grant a book about dinosaurs, which he enjoyed..  Then later, as we were having our dinner, he was looking at a circle sculpture in the center of the table.  Grant doesn't really understand that I make these things, but he was quite focused on it….  then he said that it looked just like a Tyrannosaurus Rex!  And you know what?  It really does…  so the name of this piece is now "T'Rex"…  love it….so.. I can't figure out how to put the picture of it in this blog, but it is in the gallery under circle sculpture----T'Rex!